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Our Story

Diploma-Fashion Designer Ann-Kathrin Carstensen founded her accessory-label RITA IN PALMA in 2012. Together with women from Turkey, Syria, Pakistania, Lebanon and Kosovo she designs beautifully hand-crocheted jewelry and accessories. Every piece is handmade and of high quality. RITA IN PALMA is a label for mostly women who want to wear something special, no matter whether it is an elegant dinner or an everyday outfit.The colliers, necklaces and other jewelry fit to every style and make it exceptionally.
RITA IN PALMA works together with very talented migrant women. The label uses their talent to create unique products and in return offers the women a well payed job and consequently a way out of long-term unemployment.
Therefore RITA IN PALMA is the first label to combine high fashion designs with integrative work. This special connection led to the foundation of
von Meisterhand e.V.,
a charitable organization, that aims to support and empower the women by e.g. sponsoring German language courses, Yoga classes  and of course by helping them with any everyday problems.
German artist and actress Meret Becker filmed a short documentary about our work for ARTE TV (only available in german with french subtitles).